Reducing Medical Errors: A New Approach to Healthcare Management

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Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, which costs billions of dollars to the economy and increases our health care costs. How can health care managers decrease medical errors to improve costs of health care and costs to the economy? One approach is to have stricter health care polices, as it pertains to providing quality of care to patients no matter if the patient has private insurances, government insurance, self-pay, etc. the quality provided to patients should be the same across the board no matter the income class of patients, high quality of care should be our priority. The second approach would be to have stricter accountability for those that work in the health care field and make them responsible for their health care facilities and have penalties that are sanctioned for preventable medical errors. Creating health care policies pertaining to preventable medical errors does not have to wait until Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to enact these policies, they can be created by health care managers. Health care managers can create quality controls and enforce them within their facilities they are managing, rather it be a clinic, a hospital, a nursing home, an assisted living, it has to start …show more content…

Health care managers could create a project team to review these policies and create reports on what polices they have for medical errors and what polices would need to be created and approved to prevent medical errors. To determine the polices that would need to be created could come from research from within the facility on the types of medical errors that has occurred within their facility. Policies could be created based on research on the types of preventable medical errors that has happened at other facilities to prevent them from happening at their

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