The Pros And Cons Of Marketing Strategy

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In order to verify which strategies are a good fit the pros and cons of each must be evaluated.
1. SO1-Use technology to help strengthen corporate culture and spread this culture to customers and other stakeholders.
a) Pros: Technology has the capability to increase communicational efficiencies faster than live interaction. Technology based tools for communication can be easily used and would fit into and expand the cultural and social environment of the organization. An intranet site could be established in order to keep employees and other stakeholders keyed into business operations as well as non-profit work. This keeps the good work in the face of stakeholders which may help lead to further engagement.
b) Cons: Technology has the ability to remove the personal aspect of communication. This can result in poor inter-personal communication skills.
c) Conclusion: This is a recommended strategy as the pros outweigh the cons.
2. SO2- Increasing marketing tactics to attract people who
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There is a risk that this strategy would result in decreased revenue. However, this differentiation strategy communicates “unique and superior value” for prospective and current patients which will have long-term benefits (Wheelen, 2012, p. 185). DVA must take this risk in order to supplement the gap left by CMS changes.
6. WT1- Do not pursue growth efforts in economies which are in poor health. Pull out from economies which are likely to take a long time to recover.
a) Pros: This will enable DVA to spend resources only on markets which are able to grow. Markets which cannot support growth will not be entered. Existing facilities in unstable markets will be removed.
b) Cons: This may result in negative PR. DVA may be seen as a business which cares about profits above the well-being of
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