The Pros And Cons Of Immigration In The United States

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Immigration, having a great influence in America, has torn through the country and has sparked heated debates and turning one against another in the battle of how to tackle the United States’ policy. The United States and Mexico border battle has been going on for decades, illegal immigration being the main issue. Having people flee from their homes in Mexico because of violence and drug cartel influence. With the drug cartels putting racial stereotypes, there is immigrant discrimination. Immigrant discrimination of Mexicans is reminiscent of discrimination against blacks in the sixties. The government seems to use Immigration laws and operations to steer away from the fact they are doing something unconstitutional. These factors of immigration…show more content…
“Children still leave Honduras to reunite with a parent or for better educational and economic opportunities” (Nazario). Sometimes it’s the other way around, where the parents send the children to America and then try to get back with their child or children. The mother was trying to flee to America and go see her child. On her third try of going across the New Mexico desert, she died of heat exhaustion and never got to see her child again (Dudley 71-72). These scenarios are just examples of how they come over here. Some come in major groups and live in the worst conditions…show more content…
The “papers please” part of the bill was mostly the main controversy, giving police officers the right to ask for the person’s legal status (Serrano). This part is extremely used to target Latinos. When tried in a court for its constitutionality, but this part of the bill was not found unconstitutional (Serrano). “The court was very clear that it was a yellow light-proceed with caution because of the high risk of discriminatory treatment” (Serrano). Senate Bill 1070 has certainly been abused, including by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (Cassidy). John F Kennedy once said, “The most powerful force in the world today is neither Communism nor Capitalism neither the H bomb nor the guided missile- it is a man’s eternal desire to be free and independent” (Baker 86). The quote means there is nothing stronger than a man’s wants to be free, but with discrimination of Latinos, they are constantly wanting, never

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