The Pros And Cons Of Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery

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Between celebrities, other socialites, and everyday people cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular over the years. Everyday people have used cosmetic surgery to alter their appearance, whether it is to look like someone else or to look prettier and skinnier without a goal of being a look alike millions of people get these surgeries every year. Everyday people and celebrities alike as they age are getting cosmetic surgery to look as if they have not aged at all and to appear younger then they looked before. There has also been some confusion when it comes to cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery being the same. Well in reality they are not. Within this paper the topics that will be discussed are how cosmetic and plastic surgery are different,…show more content…
In 2014 an annual statistic states that "15.6 million cosmetic procedures... were performed in the United states" (plastic surgery). Just a few particular surgery statistics are: 3,505 people got a butt lift, 2.3 million people got soft tissue fillers, 217,124 people got nose reshaping, 210,552 people got liposuction, and 128,266 people got face lifts (plastic surgery). No matter the number it is astonishing how many people chose to give in to society’s mold of beauty and enhance their appearance. The cons of cosmetic surgery are "burning pain, loss of sensation... serious infection” and possible even death (Edmonds). Say a woman gets breast implants. Not only might she get the side effects listed, but she can possible become very ill. Some cases if a women is not careful enough the silicon with the implant can become contaminated or may have been contaminated prior to the surgeon putting them in. This can cause serious illness or even death because of the spreading of the bacteria or fungus or any other contaminate. The sad truth is that women do not care about such things and still take that risk. A story was published in 2003 about a mother who lost her daughter to liposuction she did not even need. Within this story it tells how the medicine that they used on the daughter caused a reaction and the daughter had a seizure the next morning and was found dead at the young age of 23. The mother stated “we wound up taking the case to court and winning, but that doesn 't begin to make up for having lost my daughter" (Marinelli). The court case last four years while they won and got around 500,000 dollars all that money could not bring her daughter back. Other cons of cosmetic surgery can be found right in front of our faces as we look through a magazine or browse the internet. That con is what some celebrities look like. Celebrities like
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