The Pros And Cons Of Bottled Water

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Imagine knowing that the plastic from water bottles consumed is being ingested into the bodies of our marine life. Over Thirty Eight Billion plastic water bottles are thrown away every year into landfills or end up in oceans. Having the choice between two sources for water which would most people choose? Water from the faucet has less impacts on environmental issues, the health of the consumers, and has less of an economic impact. Although today's generation finds bottled water fashionable portable and the most secure choice, they have a better chance drinking from their tap. Tap water is a better source for water than bottled because of it does not contain risk to consumers to be exposed to chemicals from being contained within a plastic bottle, nor threatens the environment from the use of plastic, and could help developing countries because of the less amount of money per year that would be spent on the bottle water industry.…show more content…
Buying a home water purification system can save money and remove those nasty toxins and fluoride. Tap water can carry less harmful substances than bottled. Tap is more regulated frequently for contaminants that can cause sickness to consumers. Business Insider says “The National Resources Defense Council conducted a study on plastic bottled water and determined that 22 percent of the water tested contained contaminant levels that exceeded local state health limits”(You Are Paying 300 Times More for Bottled Water than Tap Water). In fact in some places the tap water is so pure it does not need to be filtered. Giving the comfort of a clean water straight from the faucet, without having to spend money on something that's located at

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