The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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Today’s day and age, everyone faces problems, and people use their own worldview and opinions to answer them. Many individuals allow these worldviews to dictate their choices in certain situation, even though it may affect them in the long run. Some people are easily persuaded in allowing others to get inside their head and make themselves second guess their choices. For example, Susan is in that predicament because she has to make a tough decision of letting her unborn child live or not. The case for Susan is to decide if she wants to abort a child or allow the child to live with Down syndrome. Susan has asked Richard, an influential professor of evolutionary biology, for his advice about the abortion. Richard has suggested that Susan abort the child because the child will suffer for a lifetime. Susan is torn between giving up the child or…show more content…
Christians believe as stated in the e-book that humanity was created in God’s image (Diffey, 2014). Therefore this child was created in His image and Christians would say that the child has a purpose. The child may suffer for a lifetime, but God also heals so there is hope the child will be okay. As for Susan, if she trusts in the Lord with everything, she will be able to have peace in her life and manage to balance her family and job. As a result of the child suffering but living, Susan will be able to have the child she has been longing for quite some time. Susan will not only have joy, but also be relieved that she will not have to suffer from regret. This will make Susan a strong women because according to Jody Lynee Madeira, in her online article, “regret is more suggestive of women 's deep reflection on the abortion decision” (Madeira, 2014, para 1). Meaning many other women regret the decision they make when they have an abortion, however, Susan will be strong enough to make the right decision and be happy with her
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