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In this paper, I will provide my opinion supported by multiple theories and principles for the following scenario regarding abortion: Tina is a 19-year-old prostitute and drug abuser who has become unwantedly pregnant. Her mother is her only living relative and can hardly support herself, let alone her own daughter. Tina is not sure whether she should have the baby or not. Personally, I believe that it is morally permissible for Tina to have an abortion due to her unfortunate circumstances. Tina’s situation would be acceptable by the principle of utilitarianism and the moderate viewpoints of Jane English and Judith Jarvis Thomson and unacceptable by the standards of Don Marquis’ Sanctity of Life theory and Immanuel Kant’s duty ethics.
Reason 1
The first theory that supports Tina’s choice to get an abortion for the quality of life is Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill’s theory of utilitarianism. Utility is the property that aims to prevent evil, unhappiness, mischief, or pain and promotes benefit, pleasure, good, or happiness (March 3, Slide #14). Relating utilitarianism to Tina’s situation, it would be morally acceptable for her to get an abortion because she would be providing herself with benefit and eliminating pain.

Reason 2
Another theory that would permit Tina to get an abortion is the moderate viewpoint of Jane English. She believes that the more the fetus looks like a human being, the more we owe to it. If you chose to get an abortion, it is better to get it early on in the pregnancy. Getting an abortion in the later stages of pregnancy only creates more severity in relation to killing the unborn child, if you chose to do that.
Reason 3
The last theory that would approve of Tina...

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...ld be kind for the mother to do so.
After comparing the various theories above, I believe that Tina should have an abortion because she would be making the right decision for several reasons. Since she is faced with a low income and poor standard of living, her child would be faced with the same unfortunate situation since Tina would not be able to provide a generous life for her child. She could always give the baby up for adoption, but in her current situation she only has the option of life or death. She would also be helping herself by deferring the pain of pregnancy that she would have to endure. Benthem and Mill’s theory of utilitarianism and Thomson’s Henry Fonda analogy would justify my opinion on Tina’s situation. Marquis’ Sanctity of Life theory and Kant’s duty ethics are both examples that would disapprove of Tina getting an abortion.
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