The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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How would you feel if you took away someone’s ability to live? All humans have the right to live in this world. Abortion causes death to one’s pregnancy. Many people think abortion is harmless; others believe it’s immoral. Many women decide to have an abortion because they are scared to raise a baby, and scared of the future of the child. Some women want to abort because they get raped and they don’t want to have such a large responsibility without the available support. But whatever reason it is, it is never acceptable to kill an innocent pre born child. Some people would say it’s the woman’s own body, so it’s her choice if she wants to abort. Abortion is a difficult thing to do; a traumatic pregnancy is related to injuries and death. Abortion has been the biggest controversy of all time. Maternal deaths occur every year because of unsafe abortion. Abortion should be forbidden because it is the direct killing of an innocent pre-born child and it’s a…show more content…
The pro-life side believes that “abortion is murder,” pro-choice supporters say that those opposed to abortion are against free choice and the rights of women (“Abortion”). A human life begins with conception and things happen for a reason. Abortion is a murder that kills the baby right away, which is a terrible thing to do because women decide to have an abortion, which means they basically are willing to kill their own child. If a woman is not ready to raise a child she shouldn’t have sex or use protection. Another option is giving the baby up for adoption rather than killing it. If a mother can’t or doesn’t want to raise the child, adoption is more ethical. A mother should not let her own baby pay for her irresponsible action. Also, for the case of rape and incest, adoption is a solution that doesn’t involve killing an innocent life. Abortion causes psychological and emotional pain to both, mother and

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