The Production of Child Labor

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During the change over to a more industrialized economy, power-driven machines became popular in the early 1800’s. As a result of needing works, the production of child labor occurred. Child labor was a major problem due to several aspects of cruelty. There was no need for adult strength when one can hire children, while they work for continuous hours and barely paying them a dollar per week. On average children whom worked in a factory worked about twelve to eighteen hours a day, six days a week, to earn all but one dollar. Several children from poor families were either forced to work in factories since their parents could not support their needs, and/ or their heartless parents turning them over to a factory owner. Sources say about 2,000,000 school-age children were working fifty to seventy hours a week in the year of 1810. Most of the children were young boys under the age of twelve. Bystanders of this act of cruelty were outraged. Labor groups, teacher, churches, and several other citizens did not believe in the act of forcing children to work. Child Labor in the 1800s was one of the cruelest acts that have been to this day looked down upon by society. Child Labor occurred because it is easy to employ a child rather than an adult, which pays more. Not to mention they felt that it was easier to scold and teach children the proper ways to work the machines, since they were not educated and knew nothing about abuse. It was also easier for children to work with dangerous machines because the factory owners did not care if they got injured. Numerous children lost limbs and got scars from working in the factory. However, it was not a loss to factory owners since there were more children to put to work. If it were an adult ...

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...prove the conditions of child labor. (____________)*“By 1899, a total of 28 states had passed laws regulating child labor.” (*. Ultimately, leading to today’s resolution of all states and the U.S. government having laws regulating child labor. Even though there were a few benefits from child labor for certain groups of people, it left a controversial impact on society. Child labor severely affected the lives of children whom only desired the chance to fulfill their childhood. Not to mention it affected the parents of the children. Overall, Child labor occurred due to the desperation of selfish citizens basically desiring more money.

Summarized Thesis: Child labor affected several young lives and evolved from being one of the cruelest acts in the 1800s to one of the most known reforms.
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