Child Labor Should be Banned

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Outline Claim : Young labor should be banned I. Threatening the lives of children A. Exploiting immaturity of children 1. Targeting small aged children 2. Exploiting low wage children B. Facing risks while working 1. Many children lost their lives while working 2. Many children are enforced to perform dangerous tasks II. Involving children in illicit activities A. Producing and trafficking drugs 1. Children who produce or traffic drugs are at great risk of abuse 2. Children who produce or traffic drugs many become addicted to drugs at a very young age. B. Involving children in different types crimes 1. Children may be forced with threats and violence to take part in criminal activities 2. children may get involved in crime through gangs III. Counterargument: Young labor should be allowed A. Children can work to pay tuition fees B. Youngsters can help in family salary C. Rebuttal: Children should not be forced to work 1. Child labor usually get low grades 2. Child labor face danger At an age when a child should go to school for education, children instead go to a garage, a mill or a factory. Sometimes they go to roads as rickshaw pullers. Sometimes they work in the fields as farmers. Yet it is unethical and unexpected. So child labor should be abolished in order to give our children a happy, progressive and optimum life-style. Though labor is sacred, imposing children into working is a crime. People, who employ and engage them in different jobs, take full advantage of their minor age and their helplessness. Therefore c... ... middle of paper ... ...), 86- 91 Elliott, M. (1997). Impact Of Work On Studies: Low Grades. Labor Students, Vol.6, pp. 18-19. George, S. (2011). Young Drug: The Small Dealer. The Magical Powder, 26(5), 2. Hortz, A.G., & Sherman, S. J.(2002). Age Diversification: The Young Elders. Young VS Adult, 4(2), 25. Jacob, R. (2006). The Unethical Action: Dark Childhood. New York, NY: The Book Store. Jason, M. (2012). Labor Investigations: Child Labor. Forced Labor, 6(6), 3-4. Michael, U. (2008, March/April). Young Workers: The Low Wagers. Too High Too Low, 92(5), 22. Norman, N. (2013). Legalizing Labor: Young Labor. The Right To Work, 1(1), 16 Nicolas, K. (2009, May 16). Youth orientated. Retrieved May 4, 2014, from International Labour Organization Official Site website: orientated/worstforms/lang--en/index.htm

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