The Process of Baptism

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The Process of Baptism

Baptism is a sacred action in which the Christian community comes

together to celebrate. This sacrament is a symbol of God's care for

us, and by carrying it out we bring ourselves together closer to the

Lord. During Baptism, we are received into the church.

The first thing that happens during a Baptismal celebration is the

welcome into the Christian community by the priest at the entrance to

the church.

The Priest, or Celebrant asks the parents the name they wish to give

their child followed by what they ask from the church for that child.

When the parents reply that they wish for their child to be baptised

the celebrant explains to them their responsibilities and asks the

godparents if they are willing to help the parents bring the child up

in the church.

The role of godparents is to help the child lead a catholic life.

Traditionally, the godparents are the ones who insure that the child

is given a Christian upbringing if the parents are no longer able to

do it. But they also help the parents in every day life.

The Priest claims the child for Christ by signing the child's forehead

and he encourages the parents and godparents to do the same.

Everyone moves on to celebrate God's word. A Gospel passage or two are

read, usually describing the baptism of Jesus; during which the

parents and godparents sit. After a short Sermon in which the priest

explains the reading, the prayers of the Faithful or Bidding prayers

are read to help the parents, godparents and the child followed by the

Litany of saints, where all those present ask the saints to help the

child: "St. Anthony pray for us…. etc."


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...unity is involved to

help the parents and godparents bring the child up in the Christian

faith although I find adult baptism very symbolic and meaningful, as

it is more demanding faith wise. I do not think it is correct or

incorrect to baptise either infants or adults, but rather that they

will be baptised when they are ready; and parents will decide this for

their children, who later on in life will have the freedom to choose

what beliefs to follow. They will have this chance at their

confirmation where they will be able to confirm what had been said for

them at baptism, and make those early promises to live as Jesus did

their own. For me adult baptism gives those people who have seen and

heard God's message and were not able to be baptised as children for

whatever reason chance to become part of his Christian family.
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