The Problem About Using Sex in Advertisements

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Advertising is an important form of communication between products and customers. How to get viewers’ attention is first thing need to consider for advertising. Sexual appeal is become very useful tool in advertising, and it use is increasing. The sex appeal has a very long history, the first sex appeal advertising was introduced in 1911 by Woodbury’s Facial Soap (Campaign,2014). Once this advertising is released it has caused an enormous controversy, it is considered so risqué and inappropriate by several readers, even their cancelled their subscriptions to the magazine immediately (O’Barr,2011) . However, by today’s sexually liberated standards, this advertising already is positively chaste. During the next 93 years, sex is become a disputed and inevitable theme in advertising application. The use of sex in advertising has become a major selling method in the society in today, but the people who from different culture always have different acceptability of sex, even cause the negative reaction to affect the products. This issue paper will talk about the problem about sex use in advertising, and through an in-depth examination of the research literature to discuss how to correctly use sex and also use case of Way Funky Company Pty Ltd to show the advertising problem the company face, then discuss try to find a good way to use sex appeal in advertising. More and more advertisers choose use sex to sell their products is it really necessary that become important advertising issue. And also this paper will use Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) framework to discuss the role of sexual appeals in persuasion.

4. Research Questions/Thesis Statement

Sex and sexuality has been a subject of controversy, especially use sex in advertisi...

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...appeal play an important role in advertising, and will always important. People have to confess that sex really makes sells, it has successfully gained the attention of viewers that is the reason why sexual appear more and more popular in advertising. However, correctly to use sex in advertising is necessary to reduce the controversy and avoid negative reactions. There are some fine works in advertising world full of sex elements, but there are quite a few advertisements simple stressing sex, that resulting in many complains and resist. Therefore, sex in advertising is a double-edged sword, it not only need to consider the product is it suitable use sexual appear in advertising, but also need to avoid the sexual information overshadow the products. The different people for the sex in advertising have different opinions, so advertiser need to take full consider the
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