The Princess Bride Character Analysis

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From climbing up 700 foot cliffs, fighting off unusually large rodents, and coming back from the dead, The Princess Bride is the story of an adventure that always keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The journey is displayed through a Romance Narrative structure that is predictable, but engaging. The structure consists of aspects prominently displayed during the movie: innocence, initiation, challenges, the Underworld, and the Return. We follow the hero Westley as he makes his way through this mission fueled by his love for a woman named Buttercup and the lengths from which he will go to be with her. The beginning of the movie displays the innocence and shows Westley’s initiation as he unknowingly accepts his quest. The story begins …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the princess bride is the story of an adventure that always keeps viewers on edge of their seats. the romance narrative structure is predictable, but engaging.
  • Analyzes how the beginning of the movie displays the innocence and shows westley's initiation as he unknowingly accepts his quest.
  • Narrates how westley must face certain challenges. he witnesses pirates, the sicilian vizzini, inigo montoya, and a giant named fezzik capture buttercup and follow them.
  • Analyzes how westley draws strength from the fact that he has come so far to be with buttercup as they enter the deadly fire swamp.

Buttercup acts as the damsel in distress almost drowning in quick sand and faces a large rodent only to have a brave Westley never giving up his devotion for her. Buttercup and Westley make it out of the forest only to encounter Prince Humperdinck and Count Rugen waiting for them. This moment is important because the separation of the two of them brings out Westley’s true determination to be with her. Rugen brings Westley to an underground torture chamber .This is the lowest part in a hero’s journey, where Westley is losing hope of his survival and fulfillment of his promise to Buttercup. He is in the depths his despair, but ultimately faces death by Prince Humperdinck. The hero must come back to life as his goal is not complete so he gains unexpected allies, Fezzick and Inigo. They take him to Miracle Max a wizard that provides them with a concoction to bring Westley back to life. Although he now faces part paralysis he is determined to take siege on the castle working together to stop the wedding between Humperdinck and Buttercup, his love for Buttercup fueling him. Succeeding with his journey for true love he defeats Humperdinck claiming Buttercup as his

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