The Presence of Monarch in Great Britain

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The presence of monarchy in Great Britain have been around for centuries. It is a significant component of British history and has helped shape the nation to what it is known today. While British monarchs were once powerful leaders, the times have definitely changed. The jobs and duties of a monarch is now certainly different to how it once were. This causes many to question the existence of royalty in the modern times. With a Prime Minister in charge of running the government, monarchy is limited in power and seem to exist more as a tradition and a symbol for nation's citizens to look up to.
Before the beginning of the eighteenth century, the British monarchy were considered executive monarchs. Executive monarchy means that the Sovereign is able to make and pass legislation. Nowadays, the monarchy we know is constitutional monarchy. This means that the government is carried out in the name of the monarch, but the monarch is not above the law and does not have the free will to do as they please. Since the Prime Minister is considered the Head of Government, the Prime Minister and h...
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