The Power Of Words In Othello

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Words have a tremendous effect on any person or any situation, especially if used cleverly. In the play Othello we can see that Iago has the ability to use the power of words along with imagery for malicious purposes, but due to his effective use of language the other characters considers him to be an honest and moral person. In this essay I will firstly state how imagery and the power of words complement each other and then provide examples with explanations regarding the influence of language in the play Othello.
According to Damascelli (2012) “The importance or predominant personality of one character over the others can be brought out in several different ways, for example through the use of long soliloquies.” This statement from Damascelli
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In Act 1 scene 3 line 166 Othello says “And that would woo her. Upon this hint I spake”. When looking at this line and previous lines it becomes clear that through stories of his heroic deeds, Othello was able to make Desdemona fall in love with him. Thus, it can be perceived that not even in this tragic play do words only cause devastation but they may also be the cause of love. When looking at words that hold any form of positive power in the play it becomes palpable that Emilia’s lines at the end of the play should be observed. According to Osherow (2012) it was essential for Emilia to speak at the end of the play because the word that she speaks becomes the voice of the audience. Women were not held in high regard during this period in history and then in giving these few words at the end of the play to Emila the playwright lets her be the link between the lies and the truths. This link towards the truth may seem unimportant in the larger scope of things at first, but in reality it is as vital as any malicious line spoken by Iago because these words implicates Iago as the villain but also empowers the female…show more content…
When looking at Act 1 Scene 1 lines 86 – 87 Iago uses the image of an old black ram mating with a white ewe when describing how Desdemona eloped with Othello. Iago uses these words to create a vulgar image concerning Brabanzio’s daughter to evoke his anger so that he will react irrationally. The words that Iago makes use of reveals a racial stigma that he haves towards Othello, but it is also used as foreshadowing technique with regards to Othello’s insecurities.
As a consequence of the words and imagery being used, it becomes clear that words have power over all of the characters and their actions in Othello. In the play we see themes of love, deception, feminism, etc. all manifest themselves in the forms of words. These words would then later show us the extent of their influence over the characters especially with regard to life and death. Both Emilia and Desdemona die because of words that were spoken, Emilia dies for the reason that she tells the truth and Desdemona dies due to the lies being told about

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