The Power Of Context By Malcolm Gladwell

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The societal perception of how each gender should behave has molded individuals to behave in that manner; whether they try to change their behaviors, subconsciously they can 't because of societal views and expectations. Malcolm Gladwell, in “The Power of Context” introduces his ideas of fixing “broken windows” to change the environment which in return should have a positive effect on the citizens of New York City. He proposes that cleaning up New York by charging citizens of small crimes will eventually stop citizens from committing larger crimes. To help this, Commissioner William Bratton takes total control of New York City police department. Bratton, being a male in society, made it easier for him to get the job done. Gladwell states “it wasn 't hard to convince police officers that tackling fare-beating made sense” shows that a male figure was able to convince cops who didnt pursue small crimes (154). On the other hand society views women to conservative and modest. That is shown in “Selections from Hard to Get: Twenty-Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom” by Leslie Bell, she introduces the role of women and how they struggle with splitting their personalities because of the environment they live in. The two girls in her story, Jayanthi and Alicia exemplify this idea. Jayanthi enjoys having promiscuous relationships whereas Alicia avoids them. Both of the women want to find their own identity but really can 't. Bells idea of splitting can be seen as the way women deal with having sexual freedom and morals. They think splitting is a way to find themselves, but it 's not because of how society perceives them. “Splitting leads some women to assume that they cannot be strong and autonomous when they are interdependen... ... middle of paper ... ...x, but that 's not what Alicia wants. In addition her behavior doesn 't conform to what society would expect of a women, therefore it affects her relationships with men. Nafisi and her group of women attempt to find themselves in her home but that 's not achievable because of what the Iranian society expects of their women. The women only temporarily lived out their individuality, but once they left her house they retreated back to what society expected of them. On the other hand, the male gender is treated differently in societies. This is proven by Goetz who was praised for his “heroic” act. As well as Bratton taking charge of New York City. Whereas his wife stayed home for him to take care of business without a burden on his shoulders. Unfortunately because of how society views gender roles, it 's hard for women to find themselves even if they try to in secret.
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