The Perception of Luxury Scooter Brands of Vietnamese Consumers

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Brand is one of the most important resources, the real identity, and public image for an organization (Heding, Knudtzen, &Bjerre, 2009). A brand represents the unique features, characteristics, quality, and reliability of the product of a company. A good brand develops an idiosyncratic, ever-lasting, and distinctive perception of the product in the minds of the customers.

Keeping in view the significance of a brand, an organization must manage it in the same way as the other important organizational resources; like human, financial, physical, etc. Nowadays, demands on powered two-wheel vehicles are growing sharply because they offer a variety of options in speed, comfort and economy to both genders in all the social categories (Barker, 2002).

They are used for work, commuting, and recreation. Additionally, in Asian countries such as Vietnam where heavy traffic becomes a problem, powered two-wheel vehicles, including scooters and mopes, have ability to maneuver and ease of parking at riders’ destination. In the last ten years the research on customer perception and behavior in the luxury transportation means has been driven by Asian researchers (e.g. Anurit, Newman, & Chansarkar, 2002). However, most of them focused on luxury cars and very few researchers have investigated customer perception of luxury motorcycles.


Hence, the limited volume of previous research enables this study to make a contribution to knowledge and to theory development. The study can demonstrate the perception of luxury scooter brands of Vietnamese consumers and their attitude toward country of origin when they intent to buy a luxury scooter. A great brand does more: It lends coloration and resonance to a product or service.

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...the feelings and effects formed as a result of the perception of quality. Results obtained in this study were different,

The product quality and performance based on the perceived quality (extrinsic attribute) was still found to have significant influence on the brand loyalty. This happened because the customer has developed perceptions that derived from high level of customer awareness, good image from marketing activities such as advertising, sales promotion and etc.

Such perceptions may increase the consumer’s desire to buy the product. Future research should focus on the similar study of product quality and brand loyalty to the other brands being the competitor to Malaysia National Brand Motorcycle/Scooter in the market. By doing this only the gap can be closed with a clearer picture on the extended scope market environment which can be further examined

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