The Patriot Act

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Privacy and Safety: The battle between terrorism and the constitution.
I. Introduction
Since the enactment of 107 P.L. 56, otherwise known as the “Patriot Act,” there has been an ongoing battle between the privacy citizens enjoy and the safety Americans seek in their day-to-day lives. Ever since 9/11, law-enforcement agencies have been under intense pressure to ensure the safety and security of Americans. In order to achieve this idea of safety Congress passed the Patriot Act that purported to grant new tools and rules by which law enforcement could catch terrorists. In the decade following this legislation, questions surrounded how these new tools and regulations affected the privacy of Americans.
More recently, the Guardian published a report detailing how the National Security Agency (“NSA”) has been secretly collecting the telephone records of millions of United States citizens (Greenwald). There are several disturbing factors regarding the recent activities of the NSA. The most egregious constitutional breach however, is that those targeted by the NSA no longer had to be suspected of any crime, let alone be suspected of being a terrorist, to fall under the purview of the NSA’s data collection efforts. (Greenwald) This paper will analyze how the sacrifice of privacy in the name of terrorism has ultimately gone too far and accomplished very little. This paper will also discuss how the government has abused the constitutional rights of Americans in attempting to secure itself from terrorism, and how this abuse threatens Americans going forward.

II. The Patriot Act: The beginning of the end of privacy in the United States.
Initially the Justice Department was resistant to releasing information regarding the impact that Patr...

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