The Pact

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The Pact

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To say that I have a personal connection with any of the authors of “The Pact” (Books should be underlined or in italics, but not in quotatations) would be a stretch at best. From the time before my very first breath, my life has been completely different. Throughout the years, my life further diverged, until you examine our (maybe use “my” instead of “our” – makes the connection to yourself) college years. Despite the differences, many similarities can be found just by taking a look at events, rather than situations. These situations (events – you said to focus on the events rather than the situations) are my connection to “The Pact”.

The families of the three authors had all been relatively poor, and many of them uneducated, like Sam’s mother. Even their grandparents had started life out poor, and many would end their lives little better than poor. Here I have a connection. It takes going all the way back to grandparents. My grandmother on my father’s side began life as a share cropper, and was very poor. She dropped out of school to help with the family – I moved this up here for a better understanding before she learned to read. Over the years she taught herself to read since she felt it was an essential skill really was a required skill. She later met my grandfather, who I never met since he died from emphysema before I was born before my birth from emphysema. Obviously (Is it obvious? The reader is dumb and only knows what you tell them. It is difficult to assume that the reader will automatically know something) , she had a son before that, my father. He was a smart man, but like in The Pact the story, lacked direction. (New Paragraph)

He had learned some electronics, a...

... middle of paper ... special; I think I ended with a 2.8 GPA, and that was only because I excelled in my computer science classes. My time then down at UNT was a terrible experience that like the authors, I don’t think I would have survived without good friends, and a supporting family. My GPA there when I left I think was around 2.3. Again, still basically a ‘C’ student, where our authors were making good grades, and even sitting near the tops of their classes. Now at Penn State, I decided to actually try for a change, and hope to graduate with a 3.5 GPA.

Overall, a very nicely done paper. You draw a clear connection between the story and your life. This paper could use some development work, but the main idea is clear. Keep up the good work and revise it with some of the changes I made, as well as changes of your own. By doing so, you will have an awesome paper to publish.

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