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  • Broken Arrow: Broken Arrow

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    Broken Arrow – April 11, 1950 Since the United States first began developing and transporting nuclear weapons, there have been a number of accidents involving these weapons while in transport. The Department of Defense came up with a codeword for such events that could result in a nuclear detonation or release of radioactive materials, or the loss of a nuclear weapon: a Broken Arrow. Fortunately, due to the systems that have been put in place, there have been no accidental nuclear detonations on

  • A Broken Friendship Essay: A Broken Friendship

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    A Broken Friendship A famous French proverb goes “love brings distance to friendship”, a sad fact most people in the world face. I indeed had experienced a tragic love that made the friendship between the love of my life and me distant. It was one day, when a dramatic moment of refusal happened to my confession that made a remote distance between my love and me, which made me promise never to love again. It was one day when I saw a gorgeous girl standing beside me. Every time I took a glance of

  • Broken Windows

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    In March 1982, The Atlantic magazine ran an article titled “Broken Windows” by George L. Kelling and James Q. Wilson. [1] The authors of this now famous article wrote, “Social psychologists and police officers agree that if a window in a building is broken and is left unrepaired, all the rest of the windows will soon be broken.” One broken window, left unrepaired, is a signal that the building is abandoned and that no one cares, so breaking more windows means nothing. The authors continue, “Vandalism

  • Broken Lives

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    Broken Lives written by Estelle Blackburn is an expository text, which through research has presented that nineteen year old John Button was wrongfully convicted of killing his seventeen year old girlfriend Rosemary Anderson in a hit and run. I believe through my reading of Broken Lives that the key factor of expository texts is to explore awkward questions deeply and critically. In this case who was guilty of killing Rosemary Anderson in a hit and run, John Button or Eric Edgar Cooke, and the effect

  • Broken Education

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    Small and Effective Fixes for a Broken Education System In my quest to find a school for my kids, I was disappointed by what my options were. Being that my kids and I are a low-income family we also have limited housing options, were there are the better schools. I decided to give the local area schools the benefit of the doubt and enroll my two kids, Mikkayla and Pharoah. Over the school years I made notes on the things that I saw and learned about the schools and my neighborhood. My goals are to

  • Broken by war

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    Broken by War War is an universal phenomenon in which ancient societies as well as modern ones have participated in that have been characterized by extreme violence, social disruption, and economic destruction. The human toll of war is well documented. Various media outlets have distributed pictures of the destruction, the injured, the survivors, the dead. Yet, there is an aspect of war that few have of knowledge of; what life is like afterward for those who were affected by the man-made disaster

  • Broken Unity

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    The Ottoman Empire was one of the most powerful empires in the world during the 15th and 16th centuries. It began in the late 1200s during the break-up of the Seljuk Turk Empire. The main goal of its leaders was expansion, which was achieved. At the height of its power, the Ottoman Empire covered much of North Africa, Western Asia and Southeastern Europe. Eventually, this long-lasting empire came to an end. It was divided into nation states and those states were colonized by Britain and France. The

  • Broken Embraces

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    Lying, pretending or even hiding are all forms of being wronged towards someone else. Being wronged is always immoral if the character doesn’t admit it. But since he admits so then variations about how wronged was he of the situation arouse. In “Broken Embraces” by Pedro Almodóvar the characters wronged others and some are going even further about wronged themselves. Others do it on purpose, others by mistake. Some because they are simply “mean”, others in order to achieve their own personal goals

  • Broken Wing

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    Ugh. I had almost finished my grocery shopping when I remembered. At least I was still in the store. Pushing my cart all the way to the back of the store again, I spotted the forgotten item. Well, actually, it was a case of forgotten items; 24 single serving bottles of water. No big deal. Right? Wrong. It wouldn’t have been a big deal. But for a couple of weeks, I had been dealing with an aggravating ache in my upper right arm. The P.E. teacher at my school had diagnosed my pain as, most

  • Broken Angel

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    Broken Angel by Francine Pascal Broken Angel by Francine Pascal is a story about Angel Desmond who is at the racetrack and has gambled away all of his money. His girlfriend Tia Ramirez and her friend Conner McDermott are looking for him. They find him at the racetrack and Tia gets very angry with Angel when she finds out he has lost all of his money. Angel dreads telling his parents, because he lost his whole savings account which was for college. He graduated form El Carro is supposed to go to Stanford