The Overall Impact Of Internalized Oppression And Culture Of Culture

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How your culture had shaped who I am today? I was born and raised in China for at least 8 year, and my parents’ culture have once deeply influence my choice of the future and limit my vision. As everyone know, China is once a communist country, similar to old Russia (USSR). People are not allow to be wealthier and education are limited. In Chinese culture, it is necessary to subject one’s own desire for a greater value to the family. If I don’t follow my parents order, it will brings shame to the family. There were moment in my life where I would follow the tradition and culture as a nice son, but I am tired of following the tradition. Sometimes, we have no clue that we live under the internalized oppression from culture and elder. Internalized…show more content…
People believe and follow the system instead of changing it. Keith Osajima states in his essay “Internalized Oppression and Culture of Silence”: “The overall impact of internalized oppression is that the oppressed become resigned to their situation and do not look critically at it” (154). In another word, people who are being oppressed by the society or culture will not resist against the issue, but instead running away from it. Why do people believe myths and stereotype as part of them? First of all, people who are internalize oppressed believe that they are too weak and not have the ability to challenge the issue. The institution and the society may seem like groups of giants to an individual that try to challenge it. Second, not looking critically perpetuate the problem further, because the issue will persist if there aren’t any interferences. When people look critically at an issue, they will question and realize the problem behind the social issue. Resigning against a social issue will not resolve it, but instead it increases the effect of the…show more content…
Every elementary school in my hometown requires a placement exam for freshmen entry. My parent decided to put me to a try at the system by sending me to a tutor. At the time, I believe some people are more superior than others base on family status, especially family with political background. I didn’t really care about the examination, because I felt like the result has already been determined within the school. In China, People with money can bride their way into one of the best school or get a good job within the government. I have the same mindset as my parents, my family background will not get me anywhere near a higher education. Education system in China is always been corrupted, because of that, I walk away from home to play with my neighbors. When my parents notice that, they were so angry that they lock me up for hours in the dark. While in the dark, frighten and scary moment flew by and lead me to try to take the exam instead of walking away like a coward. Because of that, I became more cooperative towards my parents. I tried my best during the placement exam, but it is tough to study full time when I am only seven years old or so. In the end, I got accepted even though I was one point off from the standard score line. Challenging the issue instead of giving up have granted me the opportunity to be one step closer to a higher

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