The Onl Genesis: The Bible In The Bible

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Genesis is one of the well-known books in the Bible. It tells the story of how the earth was created and how we came into being. It is a very crucial book that help defines us as Christians because it tells us of our origin whereas the nonbelievers of the world are still searching for an answer. St. Augustine agrees that Genesis is indeed an important book, however he believes that the Bible should be read differently due to truth of time and of creation as God sees it. In his eyes, St. Augustine believes that Genesis should be read and taken not literally but rather spiritually because time and creation only existed due to the coexistence of humanity, whereas God himself in all of his might and glory is forever eternal. St. Augustine believes that God did not create the heavens and the earth in a literal sense because nothing could exist before the act of creation. As written in the Bible, God created the universe with a "word", but St. Augustine asks, “by your word you made [the creation]...but how did you speak?" (St. Augustine, p227). The word with which God spoke to create everything meant that there already has been a time before God created it. But how can that be when God is forever eternal? The…show more content…
This is why Augustine believes that Genesis should be taken in a spiritual approach rather than a literal one because the idea of creation is something we as humans can’t truly comprehend when even time itself is something that is an uncertain creation made by man. We may never know how everything around us came into being, but after reading the Confessions, I see Genesis in a whole new light. Even though many of the things seem possible yet at the same time surreal, it still is true when one reads it with faith and strong conviction that God has done all of these
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