The Obamacare Act

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Obama Care is a health insurance marketplace that is a new way to seek out health insurance coverage that will fit your budget and meet your needs as well. You only need to fill out one application and you can see all your options that enroll into the health insurance plan. Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older, certain younger people with disabilities, and people with end stage renal disease. People remarks make it clear he cared more about the Obamacare website than the health of veterans. I think the veterans deserve more attention than a failed website, because the website is not very important than the veterans and their families that need insurance. This are some problems that has Obama with the website of Obamacare. All this things he is saying about the veterans are putting him in a bad place because people are thinking wrong about him. Many people might think that Obama Care is a very helpful health care for families. But they actually do not know how it works because they had have some problems with their insurance. Health care reform is needed because, the price of health care are tremendous impact on a lot of families, businesses and the economies. Over the last decade americans have been spending more and more on healthcare while receiving less and less. The average of americans has a lot to gain and little to lose, while those that make more including larger firms and consequently their employees, may notice negative financial effects. While some groups benefit more than others, all americans will benefit from the new rights and protection. In all the countries health care is needed to live because its better and safer for you. If you do not have some type of health insurance ... ... middle of paper ... ...en thoe if the insurance helps you by paying half that is good because you don't have to pay all of the money. That is good because many families don’t have a lot of money to be paying a lot. But I think that it will be very helpful if also the insurance will help with the medicines of the families because how I was saying they also cost a lot they are not cheap. More insurances should improve on that because that could be a big problem for most of the families to. And all this is what I think about Obamacare and other insurances. - - - - - - - -
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