The New Immigration And Refugee Problem

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There are many top news breaking stories that are happening around the world, but none of them are as important as the new immigration and refugee problem. Half way around the world in the middle east, there is a new surging number of refugees and immigrants that are traveling and sneaking into Europe. This is a pressing issue, one that most of which the public is unaware of the other side to this story.
In the last few weeks there has been stories of lives lost, sacrificed and risked all in the immigration of mass quantities of refugees into Europe. In the middle East countries such as Syria, Damascus, and northern parts of Iraq. There has been a mass shift in the population of Syria as many Syrians wish to escape the conflict and flee into Europe countries like Germany, Hungry, and the UK. In the media, much of the news coverage has been on the refugees ' stories. Germany has been overrun with the flooding of refugees. Countries are thought to accept them with open arms are countries that are a part of the UN have an “obligation” to give asylum to the refugees. “According to the European Union, almost 150,00 Syrian refugees have declared political asylum in the European Union since the start of the current conflict in Syria, the majority in Germany and Sweden” ( European University Institute). The media portrays these Syrian and all immigrants ' stories to be harsh and cruel. The show graphic images of how the refugees risk their life to come to a better country. One without conflict and war. An example of the graphic stories covered is the one of a Syrian boy that was found washed ashore. “Aylan Kurdi, a Syrian Kurd from Kobani, a town near the Turkish border that has witnessed months of heavy fighting between the Islamic St...

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...ion More). This goes to show the public that there is more than one side to the story and you can 't judge a book by the cover. The media demonstrates such a bias opinion of this immigration and refugee issue only showing the sad and unfortunate events, not wanting to tell the hard truth.
These bias views of the media do have an effect on the public. The majority of the public relies on the media to inform them of the major events that are happening around the world. That is why it is crucial that the media shows both sides of the story. The public needs to know all the information withe the media filter off, so they can better understand the real threats of the large refugee issue. If the media continues to filter what they want to show the public, then this threat of terrorists being snuck into the European countries posing as innocent refugees will go unsound.
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