The Negative Speech: Donald Trump To Be President

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American wanted him to be president so here you go Donald Trump will be in office coming January 2017. Do I think he should be president? No but did I want Hilary to be president? Hell no! Donald Trump is wrong in so many ways when he says things but I will rather have that then someone I feel owes lots of people in this world many of favors. Honestly the only thing I like about Trump is that he is somewhat a businessman. I know everyone says it but it’s honestly true, the guy is good at what he does. I fell though as in since America is in tremendous debt Trump can use his businessman ability to dig us out of this hole that we are in or he can just possibly make it worst. I don’t think everyone wants to give him a chance to actually prove…show more content…
Why, Donald? Why does he seem to have disdain for racial minorities? We’re not saying he is a racist, but it smells, walks, quacks and swims like a duck. You do the math. Everyone has right just like him. We live in a world that everything should be equal because no human being is better then the other. No race is superior to the other. Me being a minority myself I feel that families shouldn’t be broken up just to get jobs for people. The minorities take the jobs that people don’t want so what is the big deal? The spots wouldn’t be filled up by an American why not a…show more content…
Mr. Trump has a lot of common characteristics as these once leaders. What I see in Trump that resembles Alexander is that they both have high expectations for themselves. They are all about them type of people. That isn’t good because if he is running the country he was too be more about the people rather than himself. Trump and Julius are similar because they were both brought up into riches and royalty. Not every has the luxury to live life like a movie. People like them didn’t have to work for what they had it was pretty much handed to them on a silver platter. Only the ones that are brought up into families that already have money. Don’t get me started with Adolf Hitler; him and Trump have a lot of similar attributes. They just despise any other race besides the one they are in. People with that much power and pull is very scary because you don’t know what they are possibly capable of doing people they have a lot of people that are scared of them. Hitler also wiped out a whole entire race. Image Donald Trump, the hate that I can see he has for minorities is pretty scary. When power hits peoples heads its tends to change the person they truly
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