Political Speech: Donald Trump

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Many people know the name Donald Trump very well, while others know little about him. Some have very strong opinions to Trump running for president and others are on his side, despite what he says. This is a very controversial topic in politics right now, especially because he has many supporters and he is a republican. Donald Trump has too many suspicions about his running for president. For example, he ran for president before as a Democrat but failed and he went to run again, but is now a Republican. Trump also had gone bankrupt before, yet he is running for president. He also has made statements that he wants to stop immigrants from coming into the United States, which has made a lot of people believe he is racist. There are many different…show more content…
Within an article online called “The Politics and Elections Portal,” it had said that Donald Trump, “flaunts his vast financial wealth and compares it to other famously rich candidates, saying that he is more successful than Ross Perot and that he, quote, “has a Gucci store that 's worth more than Romney.” (Anon, 1). Donald Trump is all for himself and he wants all the publicity he can get. He is flaunting how much money he has and how successful he has been, when that is not what people look for in a President. Trump was putting down Romney by saying how much more successful he was compared to him, when a President should not be putting other people down. If anything a President should be putting their people before their own needs, in voters eyes. Donald Trump cares about how popular he is and his own wealth. He is not concerned with what the people need, when it comes down to the truth, which makes him an unfit candidate for the 2016…show more content…
Many people would support Trump on this action because many believe it should not be given to people. An article by, Dan Diamond had said, “Obama Care continues to hurt the economy.” (1) Donald Trump believes that Obama Care is hurting and destroying the economy and wants to take it away but replenish it with something new. Trump is not taking away health care completely but he is taking it away since the economy is suffering because of it. Trump had gotten many voters on his side because they believe that Obama Care needs to be stopped. By Donald Trump becoming the President, many citizens would be happy, that he is taking away the unnecessary health care and replacing it with something more realistic, that will not affect the economy as much. With the many suspicions Donald Trump has raised for running to become president, he has proven he is not capable to run the United States. He cannot be in control of money or even be trusted with that big of a job. If he can not keep his little businesses’ from going bankrupt, he does not have the ability to keep the U.S out of debt. By the actions Trump has portrayed to the people, there are very few reasons on why he should become the president. Therefore, in my opinion Donald Trump is not suited to become President and should not be able to take full control over the United
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