Donald Trump Rhetorical Analysis

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“The beauty of me is that I am very rich” according to Donald Trump. His ignorance has lead him to do things that he shouldn’t being doing or has done. In the past few months he has been racist man that would insult people that are from a different race. When Trump started running for president he would insult and bully everybody in general not knowing the people’s stories. He made people seem like they are poor and have nothing to live for, Trump’s inability to see past his greed. He wants to separate the United States and wants people to think he is the best of the best; Trump should not be President. Trump has said and believes that all immigrants that enter the United States are bad and are set out to endanger the lives of all individuals…show more content…
“They 're bringing drugs, they 're bringing crime,” He is addressing that all the Mexicans are drug dealers and killers that’s not true. He cannot be stating all the Mexicans because not all of them are drug dealers or killers. “I will build a great, great wall on our southern border and I will make Mexico pay for that wall,” If he wants to make a big wall so any Mexicans can enter and make them pay for it that’s just stupid Trump is the one that wants the one he should be the one paying for something he wants. This wall is not going to stop Mexicans from coming to the U.S; they can still come in a plane of by sea. He says he wants to built a wall, than if he is paying where will he get all that money just to make stupid wall, the U.S has no loose money to give out to put the wall up. Donald Trump has brought up some good points during his campaign running but that still doesn’t stop him from being an arrogant guy running for president. He states “Stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons,” that’s a great idea but how is he going to stop that from happening. He can’t stop say stop and expects it to be done, he has to think about his plans and how he is thinking of stopping Iran. Donald Trump has been a bad influence to the United States that doesn’t deserve to be president. The entire thing he has done during his running doesn’t show that is able to be president. Trump is an arrogant person that doesn’t deserve to be president and doesn’t deserve to be able to run a country; he is acting like a child he is not mature to run for
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