The Negative Effects Of War And Terrorism

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Can you imagine a world without the fear of war and terrorism? It would make Earth a better place but we know that is not realistic. Both war and terrorism destroy lives and countries. The damage that occurs is unfathomable. Not only are lives lost but the economic impact to the area is astonishing. The land, people, and culture will forever be affected. War is an inevitable part of life. Just like change, conflict is something that will always arise in life. No matter how many times we wish and pray for world peace, war will always exist. With such negative affects one would hope we could change the way we deal with conflict, but no matter how hard we try, war seems to be the only answer sometimes. So when war is the only answer, what can…show more content…
Research has shown that living in a war-torn country increases the likelihood of a number of physical and mental problems later in life. Experiencing war is associated with a greater chance of suffering diabetes, depression and heart disease as older adult. Due to the high number of men losing their lives during war, it was less likely for women to marry and left many children without a father, which resulted in a lower level of education among those who lived through the war. The emotional trauma of war is everlasting on the soldiers and whole community as well. Soldiers not only suffer on the battlefield, but also suffer when they return home. Due to the hard conditions they are in and the unspeakable things they have to do during war, many soldiers return home feeling the effects of PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder. Soldiers who suffer from PTSD will often recall and re-experience the specific trauma of war, usually when they dream, or even when they close their eyes. War is a deeply scarring experience for many soldiers, families, and communities. After a war the community or place where the war took place will often leave in fear. Fear that the war will break out again, or fear that their loved ones will not return from the war. In places where war and terrorism run rampaged, people live in fear for their own life and their families. They are scared to leave their homes or to even answer the knock at their door. Fear is an understandable response for a community to have after a war has taken place, but living in fear isn 't living at
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