The Negative Effects Of Malnutrition On Mother And Children

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Malnutrition is the lack of proper nutrition which is usually caused by not eating adequate amounts of food, not eating nutritious food, or that the body is unable to use the food that is being consumed. According to World Health Organization statistics, about 40% to 60% children in the world experience mild to moderate malnutrition. Also, about 3% to 7% children experience severe malnutrition. (Lozoff, B. 1989) Maternal malnutrition can have a range of adverse health effects which can affect both the mother and the developing baby. These effects can be either short term or long term. Malnourished fetuses and children experienced adverse effects such as cognitive deficiencies, loss of weight, premature births, and attention deficiency. Social policies can help lower…show more content…
Mlanutrition brings along its adverse effects which have short and long effects. Infants who are exposed to famine during the periconceptual or prenatal period have more harmful effects than those who are exposed later on in the pregnancy. Malnourished infants and children experience cognitive delays, weight loss, attention deficiency, and delayed brain development as a result of being undernourished. Social policies should be implemented in order to help the mother and the child. If the mother is nourished then the infant will be nourished. The child, after birth, should be able to eat nutritious food despite their financial status. Social policies such as WIC and food stamps are already in place to help the mother and child by providing them with supplemental nutritious food. However, there should be an intervention policy where there are home visits in order to counsel and help the mother or caretaker. If the right policies are implemented, mothers are educated, and supplemental food are provided I believe that as a society we can decrease the percentage of malnourished children which consequently reduce the harmful effects on the
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