The Negative Effects Of Global Warming And The World

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The world is getting hotter, and it is our fault! Global warming is the term given to the slow rise in the earth’s temperature over a long period of time, which happens when air polluting gasses like carbon dioxide and methane gases get trapped in the atmosphere making the atmosphere thick. The thick atmosphere prevents heat from escaping, which changes the earth’s temperature to a warmer climate. This warming has a negative impact on the earth and all that inhabit which makes it an environmental issue of global concern. While some may argue that global warming is not real, the earth is proving otherwise. Warmer temperatures are causing ice glaciers to melt, resulting in a rise in sea levels. Global warming is also causing a change in weather patterns, imposing devastating and unpredictable weather conditions on plants, animals, and humans. While global warming is caused partly by natural environmental occurrences out of our control, human activities are responsible the majority of global warming. The combustion of fossil fuels, chemical fertilizer use, methane emissions from factory farm animals, and deforestation are the main human activities that contribute to global warming.…show more content…
Poor gas mileage vehicles, long distance traveling in those vehicles, and the large number of cars on the road are a contributing factor. In addition to vehicles, factories that burn coal and manufacturing factories also produce high levels of gases. The carbon dioxide gas produced by these activities is detrimental to the atmosphere. “A single gallon of gasoline, when burned, puts 19 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.” (citation). Human activities that involve the combustion of fossil fuels continue to contribute to global
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