The Negative Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Shristi Bohara
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12, November 2015

Divorce lower children’s well-being The article is basically about the negative impact of divorce upon children. According to this article there are mainly five explanations of divorce that has a direct negative impact upon children. There are various researches which clearly show the connection between divorce and children’s wellbeing. There can be significant differences between children who experience parental divorce compared with the children of unbroken family in behavior, personality, educational achievement, social competence, mental health and others. There are certain factors which help to understand why divorce affects children’s
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Both father and mother are considered equally important for children. They both together guide, support, love, protect and make the child’s world complete. Both the parents have their own roles and responsibilities towards their children, one without another may lack to raise them as they should be, and this may lower the children’s well-being. The absence of a parent for any reason is problematic for children. When the parents get separated then the family unit divides into two households in which the children must learn to transit back and forth, and this is believed to result in lower levels of adjustment for these children. It will be difficult for them to adjust in unfamiliar situation where they can never be able to be with one parent without having to be apart from the other.
Custodial Parental Adjustment and Parenting Skills Divorce not only break the relationship, it affects everyone involved in it. Following divorce, custodial parents may find it difficult to adjust, they need time to understand and prepare
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It provides the overall understanding of how divorce affects children. When evaluating policy alternatives aimed at improving the well-being of children, the above listed factors need to be considered which has been clearly stated in this article. It is a descriptive article which provides the general view of how divorce lower children’s well-being. Though it has successfully mentioned the important impacts of divorce on children’s wellbeing, but it couldn’t include the other factors which the children need to face in the separation of their parents. They need to face all the queries of society and their friends, regarding the cause of their parents’ divorce due to which they might feel depressed and isolated which has been neglected by this article. The whole article is about the impact of divorce on children and the custodial parent, it ignores the role of non-custodial parent which also play vital role in the development of children. Overall, this is a good article which tried its best to include the most significant factors of divorce that negatively affect the children and lower their well-being. So I would definitely encourage everyone to once go through this article, as it clarifies how deeply divorce affect the children. The result of divorce that it has included are the major reasons of children’s emotional and behavioral difficulties. So it is important for everyone to know how
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