The Namesake Movie Analysis

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The most important thing in the world is the love of family. The Novel, The Namesake written by Jhumpa Lahiri that was later recreated into a film in 2006, displays all the important aspects of love. Both the movie and the book greatly showed the importance of love. Rather, it 's through the birth of Gogol, Ashoke dying, or with Gogol finding out about his wife affair.
Although there are many themes shown throughout the novel and the film, the theme that stood out the most to me was love. Love was shown in one or many forms throughout the entire novel and even the film. The first scene was after the birth of Gogol once Ashoke walked into the hospital room. The next scene was after Ashoke had died, his family mourned his death and were truly
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In certain scenes, the details are more vivid in the novel than it is in the film because we get to know the character’s emotion. For example, while Gogol is finding out about his wife affair in the book we know more about how he is feeling, but in the movie, we just must assume that he’s hurt when we do not know. Another example, could be when Ashoke died, in the movie we see how things play out and what Ashima does at that moment. But in the novel, it goes into depth about how Ashima felt. Also, when Gogol was born, the movie failed to mention anything about how Gogol changed Ashoke’s life, while the book did. In other words, the novel is better at helping the audience understand the feelings of the characters than the film. Himadri Lahiri, says, “It will demonstrate how an individual 's life gets inevitably mixed up — and messed up — with those of others in different spaces which lie in proximity to each other and contribute to his/her identity formation (Lahiri 8). The Namesake shows how one can go through so many things, but still finds a way to survive through the power of love. In conclusion, The Namesake is a great novel that displays the importance of love. We realize the importance of love throughout the entire story, rather it’s through common things such as death, a child being born, or even betrayal. Both the novel and the film express this theme very well, although one is done better than the other, we still get the importance of the
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