The Mystery Of The Holy Trinity

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In this paper, I wish not to exalt or boast in my self, for nothing good can come from man. Our Lord our God is so set apart, so divine that our finite minds cannot understand or comprehend spiritual matters. Even though we are torn in our mindset, split between our pre-existing flesh. As well as our new and reborn minds and eyes set into place by the promise of love by the blood, with the marriage of the Holy Spirit. In this paper, I wish to express the mystery of the Holy trinity, from the past to now in the present. Knowing that the promise and the mystery of God, is still the same since the start of time, till now, and to the end of the world.
So to begin, we understand that our God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. There are so many scriptures that display these attributes in his word. When we talk about the Trinity we mean Tri-union or Triune, which means threeness in oneness. Before we describe this we must understand how man’s relationship to God and how the doctrine of the Trinity effects how we as humans look upon our selves. However since the fall of man we have lost our contact to God due to us hiding our eyes from the righteousness of the Lord. So let’s look at before the fall when God created man in Genesis1:26, God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” The question must be asked, what does it mean to be made in the image of God? Many in the past say it is either God talking to his angelic court, or even that we as humans are made in the image of angels. This argument is not very convincing because when it describes creation angels are not even mentioned until Genesis 3, when we are first introduced to Satan. Also note that in the Hebrew there it is the word (elō-him) or God designating...

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...ey would wear white clothes to remember the lord and his holiness, not to make them holy but to exalt God. Also in the life of Christ when he died on Friday and he rose on Sunday, there are many more passages of the number three, one cannot ignore that the number 3 is a divine Characteristic of God. If we read Genesis 18:1-21, If you note in v. 2-3 Abram is visited by three men, and note that he calls them Lord, for he knows that he is being visited by God. In the Hebrew for Lord in this instance is completely different than anywhere in the Old Testament, the word is (‘a-dō-nāy). Which is another translation for the word Master, it is great to see this displayed because our God is a good master who bought us out of slavery of sin and has now freed us and made us his slaves of righteousness. Another Scripture to display the idea of God in threeness is also Isaiah 6:8,
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