The Mysterious Author of “The Return”: Alistair Macleod

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Since the short story “The Return” was just discovered a few months ago, the author remains unknown; unknown until now that is. This paper will prove without a doubt that “The Return” was written by author, Alistair Macleod. The mother character in “The Return” shows resemblance to the female characters in other stories written by Macleod. Also the tense of the story is also the same as most of the stories Macleod had written. As “the return” is a story based around a family, just like many of Macleod’s stories,. After reading this essay, it will be clear and obvious that Alistair Macleod did write the short story “the Return.

One of the main similarity with “the return” and Macleod’s stories was the actions and attitude of the mother compared to those of that from his other stories. When the father was excited and standing up pointing at Cape Breton and the mother seems embarrassed and tells the father to hush up and sit down. Also while Alex is sitting on grandfather’s lap sipping the rum and water and his mother came down and yelled at the grandfather. It reminded me a lot of wh...
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