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Although many movies try to recount the most important events and biggest accomplishments in history, many of them end up taking the focus away from the real impact of the historical event. Due to the need to create a movie that has drama and an attractive or complex story line. The 1995 version of the movie Pocahontas directed by Daniele Suissa focuses on Powhatan princess Matoaka, known as Pocahontas, and the events that resulted from English colonists settling in Powhatan lands. Although the movie incorporated a few important details of the actual historical event, overall, it poorly represented the lasting effects Pocahontas’s encounter with the settlers had on the history of colonial America. The history of Pocahontas, the Virginian…show more content…
With high hopes in creating a successful settlement and starting a money-making colony, the settlers were in no way prepared or aware of the hardships and dilemmas they were about to face for several years. Upon their arrival, colonists faced disease, famine, and multiple hardships and were watched from afar by natives who were pleased at the settlers’ struggle. The Powhatans were known for their culture of “dark superstitions and devil worship,” making them a cruel adversary to the white settlers. The natives were a major threat to the settlers; if they were captured, they would be stoned to the head and scalped for the members of their tribe to admire. Pocahontas was the favorite daughter in her father’s home, so it would be expected that she would always side with her tribe. Instead, she “effected a remarkable and significant relationship… with the small group of settlers at Jamestown […]” then years later with English royalty. Fascination with their advancements in technology drew Pocahontas to the colony. John Smith became very close to her as he taught her the English language and she taught him the native language. During the time spent at Jamestown, Pocahontas became well…show more content…
Years later, she married John Rolfe, a tobacco planter, bringing peace between the settlers and Powhatan. This was an enormous step, for Virginia needed “good publicity” to continue being funded. This was “fortified by the visit of the Algonquian princess” with her son and husband, proving that it was possible to spread Christianity to the natives. The royal court saw an opportunity and Pocahontas gained royal honor as she succeeded in connecting the two very contrasting

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