Pocahontas Powhatan Dilemma

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Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma After reading about 200 pages including the footnotes of this short novel of the life and journey of Pocahontas I believe that Townsend really did a great job of portraying the in depth details of her life. It had to have been tough to do it since she was born in the mid 1500’s. A great point I could make is that even though Townsend made everything seem so real using the sources she had we still have to realize it is kind of like the telephone game. One person can come up with a sentence and once it gets around to everyone the story has completely changed. One of our biggest sources was John Smith and the biggest story about him was that he was one of the biggest liars and not everything he recorded was true. So going off of the majority of his stories may not be very reliable. The book kind of sounds like Pocahontas was trying to describe her life from her own eyes.

The book divides the actual statements from myths about her life span and …show more content…

She was healthy and lived in a swell society. Pocahontas was only 9 years when the englishmen arrived and settled into jamestown.

One of the most known and most incredible stories is the story of Pocahontas saving the life of John Smith by saving him from being beheaded. She saved him through the drive and passion of the love she shared for him. It was pretty clear that she views this as a fiction because like I said earlier, John Smith lied and we figured out the act of her saving Smiths life was all fiction and false. The way Townsend used material from specific research materials, including some accounts from many English travelers. It really came down to the fact Pocahontas knew and figured out ways to live and survive a couple completely different cultures. In discussion, we talked about how Pocahontas kind of bridged a huge gap between her people (Native Americans), and the “foreigners” of the english settlers in

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