The Movie Forrest Gump

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The movie Forest Gump was a historical fictional story narrated by the main character, Forest Gump. Forest Gump was born in 1944 in Alabama .He was raised by his mother ,and his father left when he was little .Forest Gump wasn’t your average white boy ,Forest was different psychically and mentally .Forest Gump had to wear leg braces as a little boy because of his back. His mother would always encourage him .even though forest was deemed as an idiot, she was still supportive. Forest Gump was teased in school because of his mental capacity .He befriend a girl in school name jenny ,and she would hold a special place in his heart besides his mother .Forest Gump talks about his life and the historic events that the nation endured. Forest Gump’s mother would always say life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what gonna get.”Throughout forest Gump’s life, he meets new people and he also began to have an impact on peoples lives. Forest Gump goes through life becomes successful in everything he does. Even though many might say forest was slow or stupid, he still managed to finish college become an all-star football player for college. He then goes to the army to fight in Vietnam and becomes a war hero .He always managed to keep Jenny in his life even though they were not together. Forest became successful by starting a shrimp business. Forest recruits lieutenant Dan from the army to be his business partner .Forest becomes a millionaire; however he was still humble and living with his mother. Forest was never involved with women socially nor sexually is .The reason for this because Forest never developed a scene of maturity to enter an adult relationship, and besides being a mother’s boy.
Forest Gump had a presenting problem, he...

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...d autism’s think I would rule out mental retardation, because forest was still able to function in a normal society, and he was able to conduct normal tasks that were asked of him. In addition forest was not as retarded as he had seemed. His memory was detailed and his descriptions were accurate .The movie made Forest seem retarded because he was a simple thinker and Forest was only able to talk to people but Forest was never helpful in his conversations, nor did anyone ask him for advice .The movie mad Forest seem stupid, but successful, this made society see Aspergers and autism as a mild disease that doesn’t have to be controlled. The movie didn’t allow people to understand the severity of Forest Gump’s disease .He was slow but yet no one took advantage of him. Forest Gump lived a factious life, Forest was not smart nor unique did he always have someone with him.
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