The Most Important Mission, Goals And Goals Of Emergency Management

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Discuss the following elements found in the plan:
a. The most important mission, goal or objective of the plan and why.
The state CEMP describes the basic strategies, assumptions, operational objectives, and mechanisms through which the SERT will mobilize resources and conduct activities to guide and support local emergency management efforts through preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation. To facilitate effective operations, the CEMP adopts a functional approach that groups the types of assistance to be provided by the 18 Emergency Support Functions (ESFs). Each ESF is headed by a primary state agency selected based on its authorities, resources, and capabilities in that ESF’s functional area. The primary agency appoints an Emergency Coordination Officer (ECO) to manage the ESF’s function in the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC). The ECOs and staff of the Division, other state agencies, and private volunteer organizations and non-governmental agencies form the SERT. The primary goal of emergency management in the State of Florida is to ensure readiness to respond to and recover from the many consequences that can be generated by a disaster, whether it is natural, technological or man-made. The State of Florida Enhanced Hazard Mitigation Plan, Section 3 (Hazard Assessment) contains a detailed risk assessment of

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