The Moon Landing Was Not a Hoax

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The Moon Landing Was Not a Hoax

Some Americans now ask, "Was the moon landing a hoax?" Is this actually possible; would the U.S. government lie to our nation, let alone the whole world? The answer, no, should jump out. Hoax believers (HBs) thought they researched this thoroughly and gained enough evidence to prove that the moon landing was a hoax, but they don't know jack! Their whole case can be compared to a brick house with one difference. It seems like the bricks have all the corners, sides, and shape of a house. The evidence seems to be very strong, but the bricks are only one dimensional. All the "supposed" evidence crumbles after a little research. In this report I will show HBs falsified case along with the truth.

One of the most well known theories claims that no blast crater exists on the moon. In the photos showing the landing of the lunar Lander, there should be a little crater underneath the rockets of the Lander caused by the 10,000 pounds of thrust the rockets produce, right? Wrong! "When someone driving a car pulls into a parking spot, do they do it at 100 kilometers per hour? Of course not. They slow down first, easing off the accelerator. The astronauts did the same thing" (Bad). The Lander slowed down to approximately 3000 pounds of thrust. Also, most believe that the thrust of the rocket would penetrate the area directly under it, but they are wrong! Since the moon has no air, due to the absence of an atmosphere, a vacuum is present. This means the pressure of the Lander spreads out(Bad). The next theory also has to do with the air on the moon.

Another claim that has been made is that Neil Armstrong's foot print would not be distinguishable. Imagine dumping a pile of powder onto kitche...

... middle of paper ... then why don't they get some evidence that actually holds some ground.

At first, I wasn't sure what to think. When I first saw a Fox story attempting to persuade it's viewers that the moon landing was a hoax, I decided to do some research on this whole hoax theory. After viewing numerous articles and web sites, I concluded the HBs were absolutely wrong! Many of their theories are easily proven wrong and are pretty ridiculous after a little analyzing. Also, it seems pretty outrageous that the government spent billions of dollars on a bunch of crap. How in the world would such a huge conspiracy stay covered up after 30 years with so many people having to be in on it?


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