The Moon Landings Weren't Faked

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“Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed” (“Neil Armstrong”). The 60s were an interesting decade for The United States of America. Richard M. Nixon had been inaugurated as the 37th President, but he had created such a scandal with Watergate that he had resigned soon after and had the Vice President Gerald Ford take over in his shameful leave. The US had decided to hold the second draft lottery in order to find men to serve in the upcoming Vietnam War. This meant that the Selective Service System would conduct a lottery like situation drawing both a sequence number and a date would be drawn to select the next men serving in the war. A fatal event happened when Senator Edward M. Kennedy was in a car accident with Mary Jo Kopechne. He accidentally drove off a bridge into a tidal canal. He swam free and Mary had died in the car. Kennedy did not report this incident and was prosecuted with a two month imprisonment. Culture had turned into a unique settlement. Fashion changed into what is known as hippie clothing also known as long hair, blue jeans and bright, psychedelic colors. Pop art became a hit with the image of Marilyn Monroe designed by Andy Warhol. Sports were booming with action. The Green Bay Packers had beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the first ever Super Bowl. Even the government decided to pitch in to the new decade. The act of mandating all new cars must be equipped with seatbelts. The most memorable moment of the decade was the Apollo 11 moon landing. This event ended the decade and gave way to new inventions and advantages in the upcoming 70s. Astronauts Neil Alden Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins worked for many years with NASA to be the first men to make it to the moon and back. After completio... ... middle of paper ... ... able to help out Military with coordinates of countries being more precise which meant less friendly fire as well as being able to learn how to send missiles through space without a country knowing who launched that attack. It also gave way to being able to fly at high altitudes and UAV’s for military having a better view. The inconsistencies of the moon landing led many to believe that this historical event had never happened. As a result of all this evidence being debugged, Evidence shows that this event indeed happened. Even with the errors made in the obtaining in the photos and evidence. NASA still proves that they went to the moon with logical answers as well as many pieces of evidence and supporting detail. Without the clarification of the actual happenings of the moon landing, there would no longer be a truthful and concise timeline of what really happened.

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