The Misuse Of Police Power: The Abuse Of Police Power

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The Abuse of Police Abuse We see many accounts of police abusing and misusing their power. The corruption that it brings throughout the world is what starts an uprising. The corruption someone feels when they are given too much power is what is causing all of this dramatizing police business and creating an issue that no one can ignore. Yet, people are ignoring it all the same. There are small groups of people creating riots and acts, trying to put a stop to the abuse but they just fizzle out because they are overpowered and undermanned. The misuse of police power is a serious issue throughout social media and the world, police officers are wrongly abusing innocent people under the impression that they have committed some kind of crime and…show more content…
Some police don’t know that they are abusing their power, they don’t recognize what they are doing; but then there are others who know exactly what they are doing and do it. Those people are the main reasons this issue is actually an issue. Without the power and vanity some cops acquire over time we wouldn’t have this problem. Police officers in charge of cases feel that they can manipulate the scene however they want to ensure that they get the best result. New Jersey’s reputation was supposedly saved by this one man named Mr. Power. While being convicted of this crime he was “Asked by lawyers for the inquiry whether some senior people would have been willing to protect Jersey’s reputation even if it meant covering up child abuse, Mr. Power said: “That is a big question and I suppose my answer, based on my panoramic view of the whole thing, is yes. Yes.” (Bailiwick Express). This quote refers to police officers covering up serious crimes because they have the power to. The capability that the police officers are given can corrupt them and make them only see in black and white instead of grey. They can go from being a serious police officer and following the rules, to being someone whose reason for being there is simply to protect their reputation or the reputation of their towns no matter the cost.…show more content…
The organization that I have come up with is called the MPPR, the Misuse of Police Power Recognition. It is important that the first step to solving the problem we have is for the police is to recognize what is going on. We need to recognize that what some police men are doing is wrong and put a stop to it. One major thing that could help stop the abuse would be to talk to the police officers advisers. Most of the time they do not know what is going on around their precinct because it happens behind their back. So if the issue is brought to light, we are not only helping ourselves but we are also helping future victims of the abuse. When police officers feel like they have all of the power they need to do whatever they want, they don’t focus on the consequences of their actions. Everyone knows that sexual assault is illegal yet people on the law force do it anyways. Police officers need the correct discipline when it comes to controlling how much power they are giving. Power would go to any persons head, whether they intend for it to or not, simply because of our humanity. The purpose of MPPR is to help people come to the authorities. It helps them gain the confidence they need to report what has happened to them. A lot of the time, victims of any abuse are afraid to go to the authorities from fear of their attacker coming for them again, fear of angering the entire police

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