The Mistakes of the Undeserving Poor

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The poor have always been analyzed, criticized and examined. Also they have been identified and categorized. Two theories of poverty are the “Undeserving Poor” and the “Deserving Poor. I believe that poverty is global plague, that has been studied and analyzed to come up with a solution to put an end to poverty. The theory of the Deserving Poor, there were those whose inability to support themselves might be considered innocent and permanent, the disabled, the elderly, the parentless, were the most easily recognized and least controversial. All agreed that widows, orphans, and cripples should receive assistance, as should the shamefaced poor, those whose poverty was legitimate but whose honor kept them from seeking aid. The deserving were allowed to receive assistance in their home. They had to fit certain status, such as the orphaned, the sick, or the elderly, the mentally ill, the widowed, and the women.

As for the undeserving, their need was a matter of circumstance, for example unemployed or underemployed, and those who were consider able-bodied because they could work...

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