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Josh Hoppel SOCY 100 9/25/14 The Problem of Poverty Today’s world is faced with numerous social problems that pose enormous threats to humanity. Many of these problems threaten our very survival. Poverty is an issue that plagues all societies in every part of the world. Not even the most privileged countries can seemingly avoid it. It has a huge presence in the United States which is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Poverty is such an important issue to address, not only for those suffering directly from it, but because high levels of poverty decrease GDP, damaging the economy, thus creating an endless, viscious cycle. “Not only is the reduction of poverty important for those affected, but it also has an impact on welfare spending,…show more content…
I used to think that most homeless people were just lazy and that everyone who works hard can make it. But in recent years, my heart has gone out for those living in such terrible conditions and I feel much more of a responsibility to do something about it. The more and more I have learned about those who are impoverished and have actually seen the devastating living circumstances people live in, the less comfortable I feel with my privileged, white middleclass American life. It is hard to go on living in luxury when there are people who are struggling to…show more content…
“Reducing poverty is important for those affected, for society and the economy” (Sutherland). So then the question of what to do about it comes up. “Understanding the relationship between policy, power and agency is a vital part of working to prevent poverty at all levels” (Sutherland). There are so many factors that play into poverty that it is important to have a better understanding of each of these complex and layered issues. Once this is done, we must strive to improve systems such as the cash net as well as others designed for aiding those who are

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