The Miami Herald IMC Plan

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The Miami Herald IMC Plan 1. The IMC Mission 1 2. The IMC Objectives 1 3. The Situation Analysis 2 4. Budget 3 THE PRODUCT 1. Seasonality 5 2. Purchase Cycle 6 TARGET MARKET 6 ADVERTISING 1. Objectives 7 2. Strategy 7 SALES PROMOTIONS 1. Product 12 2. Pricing 12 3. Distribution 12 PERSONAL SELLING 1. Objectives 13 2. Selling strategy 13 PUBLIC RELATIONS 1. Objectives 15 2. Strategies 15 FRINGE MARKETING 1. Objectives 18 2. Strategies 18 PERFORMANCE EVALUATION PLAN 20 APPENDICES THE IMC PLAN 1. The IMC Mission To position the Miami Herald as a competitive alternative for readers in Broward, South Palm and Monroe counties. The object is to attract existing readers and consumers of other media products in these areas and to solidify the base of current Miami Herald readers and compete effectively with other publications and media outlets. We want to attract advertisers, from areas other than Miami-Dade. Customer awareness and interest must be built to levels that lead to product trial. Establish the Herald as being an alternate paper to loyal readers of other publications. 2. The IMC Objectives a. Increase market share in Broward and South Palm Beach counties by 5%. b. Consolidate and increase share in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties by 2%. c. Establish the Herald as being the best source of news for all four counties with a result of 30% increase in total sales. d. Increase The Miami Herald subscription base by 10%. e. Increase advertising revenue in areas other than Miami-Dade by 40%. f. Expand distribution to Monroe and Palm Beach Counties by 60%. ... ... middle of paper ... ...tion printed. · Every county will have its own edition with its own newspaper format. The line Broward edition, South Palm Beach edition and Broward edition will appear below the name of the newspaper "The Herald". PERFORMANCE EVALUATION PLAN We will evaluate results on the basis of the following changes in The Herald produced as a result of out campaign: · Increase in circulation in South Palm Beach and Broward Counties. · Increase in subscriptions in South Palm Beach and Broward Counties. · Increase in advertising revenues in Miami-Dade, South Palm Beach and Broward Counties. · Awareness and positive image developed in South Palm Beach and Broward Counties over competitors. This information will be collected by sending surveys to subscribers in those areas. · Number of times The Herald appears in the media as related to the events carried out.

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