Disadvantages Of News Media

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News media can be defined as any platform in which a journalist can report and publish a story5. In the modern era, it has become an accepted societal norm that large corporations, for the most part, own and control much of the news media that the public is exposed to. The federal government has permitted this news media convergence, and that should feel ominous to every American. This could lead to a very Orwellian future; one where very few, but very large corporate interests control the way the public views the world. In the coming era of American politics, a concentration of news media into a handful of corporations could prove to be incredibly detrimental. News media outlets can report a story in a way that shapes how the viewer perceives the event. The way a story, or even a headline, is worded and depicted can cause the audience to begin reading the article with some sort of unconscious implicit bias. By using this power, the news media parent corporations can shift and change the view of the public…show more content…
With the growing trend of “click bait” headlines designed to lure readers in came an increasing demand for thrilling, emotional, or trendy content to be featured in every news story1. Because of this, there is consistent incentive for networks to feature these types of stories attract sizeable audiences, leaving some news left unreported and disregarded. Maintaining and increasing profit will always be the primary goal for any corporation, and if news media continues its consolidation trend, then only revenue-producing headlines and stories will be delivered to the public. News media should be focused on supplying truthful information to the public from a variety of perspectives, regardless of the financial
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