The Meaning of Community

The Meaning of Community

Community is defined in two different ways. The Universal English Dictionary describes a community as 'a society or body of persons living in the same place, having the same rights, privileges, and interests, and acknowledging the same laws.' Another definition by the Oxford English Dictionary describes it as 'common character or commonness.' Even though these are different ways to describe this word, their meanings are quite similar and are used greatly in their own ways with everyday life.

Looking at the definitions and comparing it to how it is used in everyday life and conversation, there is not much of a difference between them. People use the word ?community? to describe the area where they live and what they can and cannot do in their community. The rules, regulations, and privileges are the same in their community just as described in the definitions.

After reviewing what the word actually means, a main thing that sticks out would have to be that a community of people has "rules and privileges that must be followed and obeyed by everyone" (Merriam-Webster). It is almost as if it has its own little ?government? that sets standards and regulations for the people to follow. However, something that may have already been known would be the description of common character or commonness. A community has to have these things in order for peace and happiness to survive.

Projects and readings for the class help with the understanding of a community. Working on the project is almost like working in a community with the rules and deadlines that must be followed and done properly. There have been readings about people working on, or helping with, communities if it needs help on certain issues. These readings have helped tremendously on the gaining of knowledge of the meaning of a community and how much a community needs help if it is in trouble.

Community is a word that can be looked at in many different ways and have many different opinions to what it actually means in certain situations. People of communities realize that they must follow the laws and not misuse their privileges that have been granted to them by the ?

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