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  • The Oxford Program

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    Hello and welcome to the Oxford Program! Thank you for “enrolling” and I’m sincere when I say that I am anxious to start working with you. I am very enthusiastic about what I do – mainly because I can empathize with anyone going through worklife-related frustration and because I feel that I am very good at what I do. How the “process” works… The Oxford Program is sort of a group-based, career counseling course held in an online “discussion forum” format. I am here to guide you and facilitate

  • A Pizza and Pasta Restaurant in Oxford

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    and pasta restaurant in Oxford would thrive because of the lifestyle that the people in the city live and their expenditure patterns, which show preference for flashy foods like pizza. The report is about a company that wants to set up a pizza and pasta restaurant in Oxford. The report evaluates the nature of business in oxford and the purchasing trends among the residents in the area. The report also evaluates the realistic nature of pizza and pasta restaurant in Oxford in terms of the profitability

  • The Oxford Movement and Jane Eyre

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    The Oxford Movement and Jane Eyre The Victorian period from the mid to late 1800's was a time of internal religious turmoil for England. In the Anglican Church there were many different groups competing to define the doctrine and practice of the national religion. The church was politically divided in three general categories following: the High Church, which was the most conservative; the Middle, or Broad Church, which was more liberal; and the Low Church, which was the Evangelical wing of the

  • Wolfson Oxford

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    to the north of the city centre. Despite being one of the younger colleges it appears to have bagged the very best venue in all Oxford, a site that encouraged the development of a punt harbour complete with a fleet of well-maintained punts – presided over by a student nominated Admiral of Punts. A tranquil setting located well away from the descending hoards of Oxford tourists – well worth the ten-minute bike ride from the Bodleian Library. The college owns two historic meadows on the opposite

  • Oxford University Job Application

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    time management skills and considerable flexibility. Thus I gained valuable practical experience and skills beneficial in any future career. • An interest in higher education and in particular an understanding of Oxford University, and its goals in teaching and research I moved to Oxford in September 2009 together with my partner who is a first year MPhil student at the Department of Russian and Eastern European Studies and asp... ... middle of paper ... ... spread sheets, handling post and preparing

  • Statement of Purpose for University of Oxford

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    the opportunity of a lifetime. I anxiously await the opportunity to building a solid educational foundation which I hope to constantly improve upon by staying abreast of any improvements in the field, at University of Oxford. I believe I can contribute and help University of Oxford reach even greater heights.

  • Tourism And Tourism

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    development of countries welfare. In the City of Oxford there are many examples of Hospitality and Tourism, as seen by the constant stream of tourists who crowd its streets on a weekend, striving to get the best view of the historic number of colleges protruding onto every street throughout the year. This is Oxfords prize possession that sets it apart from other destinations in the UK and the world. However there are sub sectors that play a big part in Oxford one of the largest examples of tourism is the

  • J.R.R. Tolkien

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    a lower-middle-class commercial life was winning an academic scholarship, which, with some difficulty, he did in 1910, gaining entrance to Exeter College, Oxford. In 1908 Tolkien fell in love with Edith Bratt, an orphan like himself. In 1910 Father Morgan forbade him to communicate with her until he was of age, to which Tolkien obeyed. At Oxford he began studying classics but soon concentrated on English language and literature, being awarded first-class honors in his final examination in 1915. He

  • George Orwell

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    of Richard Blair an opium agent and his "much younger wife" Ida. Relations between Orwell and his father wre non-existent for the first eight years of his life ("Orwell," The Oxford Companion 516). Orwell was considered to be "another public school boy," who alwys seemed to the with an "akward squad" (George Orwell," The Oxford Illustrated Hisory 442). In 1990-4, Orwell, his mother, and his older sister moved to England leaving Orwell's father on his own in India until he retired in 1911. Orwell continued

  • The Great Gatsby

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    became one of the best books written during the Jazz Age. First of all, The Great Gatsby introduces more of the American Dream and hope of wealth. For example, when Fitzgerald was a youngster, he fantasized that he was rich and had a life of ease (Oxford 44). Fitzgerald’s dream for wealth and happiness was something that meant a lot to people of that time. He sees it as the key to his future, making life for him better. In addition, Fitzgerald’s omen was the loneliness of Gatsby pursuing his impossible