The Meaning Of Poetry In Robert Frost's The Trees Of Life

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The Trees of Life The meaning of life is a question that has been attempted to be answered using many forms of the written word. Poetry is one such form that is especially effective in tackling this enigmatic subject. Being able to deliver a meaningful message in a matter of a few lines truly exemplifies how the power of poetry can transcend the human imagination. Robert Frost is one poet who keenly uses both figurative and literal language to create a poem that expresses a love of life—however painful it may be at times—while celebrating the communion between man and nature. Upon first reading his poem “Birches,” we may be inclined to think that it is a simple story about a young boy swinging from the branches of birch trees; but this…show more content…
The only other mention of faith occurred at line 13 when the speaker mentioned “heaven.” Now “fate” has entered the scene at line 50, but connotations of fear, irony, and whimsy are attached to this “fate.” Having said that he wishes to leave earth to begin again, the speaker wants to ensure that his intentions are made clear by stating, “May no fate willfully misunderstand me/ And half grant what I wish and snatch me away/ Not to return” (50-53). These lines are ironic and humorous in nature because as much as the speaker wants to relive his life, there is the implication that it can be interpreted as a death wish (Barron 1). For the speaker, “Earth’s the right place for love” and there is not another place “where it’s likely to go better.” He proceeds to describe his quest of reaching this little heaven on earth by climbing one of the birch trees as high as he possibly can “Toward heaven,” at which point the tree would gently bring him back down to earth. The speaker then states that it “would be good both going and coming back.” After the many contrasting images and feelings the speaker has presented, this statement makes us believe that the contemplation of the boy and the birches has made the speaker find his inner

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