Robert Frost's Poetry

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Robert Frost's Poetry Robert Frost said that a poem should begin in delight and end in wisdom Do you think that is true of the poems of Frost and the other nature poets you have studied? Frost's statement in the title is certainly true in some of his later poems and most nature poems, but in some cases, the wisdom comes first and delight is found at the end or, there is no delight only wisdom or, just delight or just wisdom. Not all poems abide by Frost's rule! 'The Pasture', being one of Frost's earlier poems, possibly was written before he made the statement in the title, as I am unable to find any wisdom hidden amid the lines, only a great deal of delight. The poem is written using iambic metre, with a clear rhythm. In the eight lines he uses, he creates clear delightful images for the reader. The poem gravitates around the theme of a country farmer's duties, except reading between the lines; this farmer enjoys carrying out these duties. He says that he will 'only stop to rake the leaves away' which gives the impression of him really wanting to 'stop' for longer and perhaps do some other jobs. After cleaning the 'pasture spring' he considers waiting 'to watch the water clear', this can be interpreted in different ways. Perhaps he wanted to make sure he had done the job properly, or it could be that he takes delight in watching the waters clear and wants to wait watch 'it clear' or perhaps it could be simply that he wants the moment to last, as he enjoys it so. In life I generally find that things I do not enjoy drag on and on, seemingly taking longer that they actually are, yet things that I enjoy seem to go faster. 'I shan't be long' indicates that he knows that he is going to enjoy his tasks an... ... middle of paper ... ...poem, in fact that it surrounds the poem, with the delight vocabulary in amongst it. I consider the wisdom of this poem to be that we should all earn our life. Frost has demonstrated how the bird earns his, but it has raised the question what do we do to earn ours. This is an interesting angle to look at life from and must not be over looked; we should all give something back to the Earth, and earn our living space. After studying all these poems, I am now far more aware of plenty of points of view, thoughts and feelings. Each poem showed a different aspect on life, even though the message in some was similar. In conclusion, I deem the poets I have come across, highly calculated, intelligent individuals, wishing to share their ideas on the world with others. Their use of poetry as their line of communication to express themselves, is incredibly good!
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