The Mcdonalds Commercial Is Not Over The Top

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Most of the time we see advertisements that have no meaning but to catch are eyes with exaggerated acting and materials. Subsequently, we remember these advertisement better because of the mindless comedy and flashing lights. However, the McDonalds commercial is not over the top like many other advertisements. The commercial creates an emotional feel that makes people see McDonalds as an ageless food place for everyone of all ages. The ad starts out with a screen in half with the left side a old vintage film, and the right with a new modern film. There is music playing is time after time that add to the different in time. A boy comes into view in the left screen with cloths that matches the eighties and a basketball he throws the ball to the girl in the modern film and modern cloths. It goes to a scene where the boy is playing a old video game he then looks at the girl who looks sad and gives her the controls that changes to a modern controller. It follows this sequins as the boy gives the girl his bicycle but when the boy gives the girl his stuffed dog the fake dog changes to a real puppy instead. The boy is at Mcdonalds and gives the girl his chicken nugget and moves to her side as a adult and her father. In the end it says “we all want what 's best for are kids,” and talks about McDonald 's new chicken nuggets with the writing saying “The simpler the better.” The advertisement for the chicken nugget has a very large target audience. The audience is children and adult who ate there as a child. The adult is the boy who in the end has became the parent to the girl that he helps. This creates number that will grow larger over a long period of time. This correlates to a technique used that is emotion or pathos. Happy emotions eating... ... middle of paper ... ...t that there is a difference in time. This distance in time is seen throughout the whole advertisement and it makes you think why this time is shown. By the end of the ad you understand that it shows how McDonalds is a classic place throughout the ages. Moreover it shows a deeper meaning that people can connect to because in the end the boy is the parent and the girl was his daughter and this becomes memorable to the people who watch it. As McDonald 's does not follow the norms of many advertisements the audience can get more from them that they can other ads. This commercial uses something other than funny acting that someone does not take anything from. The ad uses emotion of love to connect the boy who becomes the parent to how good McDonalds is. The boy becoming the parent shows the time difference. This classic commercial creates a timeless feel for McDonalds.

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